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At Nicholas D. Doll General Dentistry, we place a strong emphasis upon preventative dentistry. Early detection of a disease usually results in a quicker and simpler solution.

The small cost of routine preventative measures received in our office combined with proper home care we teach you results in considerable savings in the long run. We give the best care possible and if patients do their part, they can keep their natural teeth for a life time.

Whether you need preventative care, cosmetic enhancement or a completely restored smile, the exceptional staff at Nicholas D. Doll General Dentistry takes the time to do things right.



Our services include:

Our team of dental professionals and office staff strives to provide the best quality care for every patient that walks through the door. We provide high-quality services in a friendly, comfortable environment.

And, when it comes to your dental care, we know you probably have some questions. We are here to answer all your inquiries, concerns, and possibly even some fears when it comes to your teeth. We are open and honest about the entire procedure and will walk you through even a simple cleaning from start to finish.

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